A to Z

The A to Z of My Leadership Manifesto

There is a blog challenge in April, the A to Z, that provided the momentum to share my thoughts on leadership. It is a personal journey, being a leader, just as much as it is being a writer, a mother, a speaker, a teacher, a cook. It is only one aspect of life, one aspect of a person’s whole being, and it’s hardly possible to be only one thing in any situation.

I cannot be a true leader without being true to myself. My particular brand of leadership is achieved through discovering and accepting who I am, who I can be.

So even if you don’t consider yourself a leader (and I’ll show you that you likely still are), I hope you’ll join and share your thoughts. Because we’re all humans first.

And if you’re here because you also take part in the A to Z, let me know. I love the diversity of this challenge (I consider myself an A to Z veteran doing about 5 times over the years) and it’s always brought me a lot of joy and often challenged my thinking. See you here!

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5 thoughts on “The A to Z of My Leadership Manifesto”

  1. This is a great post to start with. I think it gives an overview of who you are and what your approach is – but of course I am saying that without knowing you! It’s the feeling I get though. I never was very good at being hard-shelled when it came to business. The only rule I had was that I leave my problems at the door on the way into work and pick them up again on the way back out. Maybe that was perceived as cold by my colleagues? I’m not sure but it probably made me seem cold.


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