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Badass leaders

What is a badass leader? It’s not someone who walks over on others, or makes them angry. No, it’s someone who is unapologetically themselves. They stay true to who they are, follow their values at work just as much as anywhere else. They do things because they believe in it, not because it’s the norm.

Take Martha Bird. She works as a business anthropologist at ADP – an unusual title. She also looks unusual with her many visible tattoos, lack of business suits or skirt. She is clearly badass enough to stay who she is in the business world.

Badass leaders like her don’t need to tear anyone down to feel successful, because they are clear on their own worth. They don’t crave attention to reinforce their insecurities, they get it because they amaze people with their uniqueness.

They are brave enough to be who they are, let it be an introvert whose deepest desire is to spread love, like Mother Theresa, or a man in wheelchair who became president, like Theodore Roosevelt.

There’s a little bit of that badass in all of us – we just need to let the reins go.

14 thoughts on “Badass leaders”

  1. There was a man who shook the British while clad in just a cotton dhoti. Mahatma Gandhi was quite the badass. Loved reading about Martha Bird. I like this series. ๐Ÿ™‚


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