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Creator role in the StandOut tool

“You improve performance one person at a time” the assessment summarised me in one sentence.

I often turn to various personality/working style quizzes but this one was different. First, because the results will be used at work in coaching and development, and two because it fits me like a glove, more than anything before.

I am a big fan of Marcus Buckingham. He is an author, researcher with the goal of making work better, more enjoyable, more productive at the same time. Years ago he created a system, StandOut with the goal of connecting one’s talent to one’s performance. It starts with an assessment through situational questions (not unlike the Gallup StrengthsFinder). Based on the answers, it selects the top 2 of the 9 roles it uses as feedback.

Then it tells you more about each, focusing on the positive language.

“Your power comes from making sense of things.”

“I’ve been told I’m a very creative person, always looking for better ways of doing things.”

It then continues to give suggestions on how to use these strengths, how to make an impact, how to use it for the best in different situations.

However StandOut is more than just an assessment. It’s a system that helps us leaders to work with our team as well, to build on their strengths week by week. It has an app online and on mobile where the work after the assessment continues. Here, our team members set priorities for themselves, and they prepare a short summary of the week (what did you love/loathe) that will be used on our weekly check-ins.

Then we can change the conversations. It won’t be about the past as much but more about the “now what” – how to take it from here, and what to do next week to use our strengths more.

The assessment says that as a creator “I’m at my best when I’m analyzing what happened and why it happened” but the real sense of achievement comes from focusing on making changes for the future so we can improve continuously. It’s great to know that StandOut helps with that.

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