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Individual attention always pays off

We’re leading a team but we’re working with individuals.

My favourite part of being a leader is to work with people one-on-one. I have people only for their first 3 months in the company so I have a chance to work with very different individuals. They start with different backgrounds, skills, styles and therefore experience different challenges.

I believe this is true for those leaders with more permanent team members as well. No matter the experience, one thing that someone overcomes easily, the other will struggle with.

Working with them personally helps to focus on their particular issue, in their particular style, the way they need it. Sometimes they need specific information. Sometimes they need advice. Other times all they need is someone to believe in them.

During these one-on-ones, they lead me, I follow. They are the ones that are important, I’m there for them, not for me.

This is not always easy. Some are easier to work with as we click naturally, with others, I have to keep me and my ego in check constantly.

The reward, however, is worth it. To see their expertise and confidence grow, their skills improve, to see them succeed is the ultimate reason for me to do this job. Their growth is my success, and most of this growth happens when we work one-on-one.

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