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Juggling various responsibilities

Advisor, cheerleader, listener, trainer, auditor, guide, representative, devil’s advocate – it’s just a couple of the roles we fill in as leaders.

We need to support our team.

First and foremost we have to be there for our team, following their lead on what they need at that moment. Advice, motivation, information, or just a pair of ears to listen.

We need to challenge our team.

Growth happens outside of our comfort zone, we all know. We need to help the individuals in our team to achieve that growth, to learn something new, to improve what they have.

We need to represent them and their needs in front of our management.

It’s up to us to take the questions, issues, requests of our team to our managers and decision makers. We need to be ready to handle possible confrontations, challenges for this.

We need to establish processes with other departments that serve the needs of the whole company.

Work is not done in silos. Our team is not independent of others, and it wouldn’t be right to succeed on the expense of other departments.

We need to communicate the company’s mission, translating it to the every day.

We also represent that mission in front of the people we work with. We have to know, feel it enough to be able to answer questions like “What should I do in this situation to stay in line with our mission?”

We need to be ourselves and take care of ourselves.

We owe it to the team to be the best we can be.

What else do you expect from a leader?

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