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Lift them up

“Positivity lifts us from mediocrity to excellence by giving us vision, confidence, authenticity, energy, passion, charisma, creativity and added meaning in everything we do.” (Jan Muhlfeit)

We have surpassed the classic (old-fashioned) leadership approach that’s all about performance, efficiency, financial results, ROI. More and more people realised that these are easier obtained if we provide circumstances that allow people to be engaged, inspired – happy.

I often meet people (and I’m no exception) whose biggest obstacle is lack of self-confidence. They don’t believe that they can do what they need to, therefore they second-guess their initial reactions, their gut-feelings.

My job in this situation is not to give them more information, additional advice or point out the things that don’t go well yet. The best way to help them in this case is to show that I believe in them. That I know what they’re capable of.

We find a moment that they want and then I show them how much closer they are now than they were a short time ago. We focus on what they achieved, instead of what is still missing.

We all have bad days. Sometimes the same issue that was nothing yesterday, seems insurmountable today. Sometimes we just need someone to make us smile. Sometimes we need someone to acknowledge us.

As a leader, it can happen on a day when we don’t feel the best either. To work with someone who can overcome their bad days to help mine, is exceptional.

“Average leaders are viewed as business executives, the best leaders are viewed as great human beings.” (Mike Myatt)

Hope I can get there, too.

13 thoughts on “Lift them up”

  1. This is so true! We are always in self-doubt and have self-esteem issues. At least of us! I like the way you’ve written about leadership here!



  2. This is great advice. People who are happy at work are much more productive than those who can’t wait to get away from work


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