A to Z

The first half of my leadership tenets collected with the help of #AtoZchallenge

Our principles influence everything we do. Often they go unsaid but they clarify when made conscious. This is what happened to me as well when I wrote down what I believe is true about leadership. At the half-time of the challenge here is where we stand.

1. Be authentic

Be you, no matter what.

2. Be badass

Don’t conform.

3. Be creative

Use the best tools at your disposal.

4. Respect different opinions

Learn healthy conflicts.

5. Let the team be effective

Don’t force your own system on them.

6. Allow freedom to make mistakes

Appreciate the courage of doing.

7. Goals? There’s a better way

Help people fulfil their calling.

8. Hype up yourself

Keep your energy even during difficult interactions.

9. Individual attention always pays off

We’re leading a team but we’re working with individuals.

10. Juggling various responsibilities

Be the best for your team. 

11. Knowledge isn’t power – it’s how you apply it

Most of the training happens on the workfloor. 

12. Lift them up

Give them not only skills, but also confidence. 



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